Highlights of Suva

Highlights of Suva
December 07, 2023
Probably one of the best excursions of the cruise. At the pier boarded a comfortable large bus - not overcrowded, and early on visited the Suva Museum that was simply stunning. Artifacts of Polynesian history laid out a modern pristine manner and well documented. The Museum shop was filled with small books on local birds, etc., only available there because the Museum published them. Lovely local painted cards and art. So beautiful that after the tour, I took a taxi back to stock up on holiday gifts. The tour continued through Suva proper and stopped at a locally run restaurant for lunch. Welcomed clean bathrooms and prepared food that was delicious - do try the taro fritters - yum! No digestive terrors later, either. Great local tour guide, clearly a local leader. All in all, best tour outside of snorkeling!!
Reviewer: Ann Bassarab
5 Stars
Highlights of Suva
March 14, 2023
Great guide Emmi, knowledgeable, with a sense of humor, a good safe driver.Good history, Parliament, the first chief who went to England, the culture , Albert Park Pavilion etc. Visited Fiji Museum, walked around the gardens, great insight to the past. Suva Bowling Club, a treat. A man and his wife shared their knowledge. Learnt how to open a coconut, remove husk, how parts of the coconut is useful to make ropes, bowls, palm leaves are used to make baskets, no waste. Drank coconut water, kava, ate coconut, bananas.Learnt about certain leaves and roots, their medicinal uses. Passed historical buildings, learnt of Fijian coup, now the court complex. Stopped at Kanu Lance Seeto cafe, learnt of many movies made in Fiji, the first Robinson Crusoe in 1932. Food lovely, hospitality exceptional. Shopped at Tappoo, the markets, endless fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, flowers, amazing aroma. People were always smiling and welcoming.
Reviewer: Donna Hill
5 Stars
Suva Tour
February 16, 2023
We were pleased we met R2 the guide we had the previuos day. His enthusiasm and knowldge of island life was boundless. He was willing to answer any questions put to him. The tour was made by the Guide and the stories he told, the Museum we visited and many other highlights we seen. Thanks again to R2 - hope we get to visit your island again and get to see you again.
Reviewer: Adrian
5 Stars
Good overview
February 07, 2023
Tour gave us a good overview of the city, although it did miss out the WWII gun which was advertised. Enjoyed the kava ceremony and especially enjoyed where we had lunch, which was included.
Reviewer: Nicky Williams
5 Stars
A tour given by an expert
January 02, 2023
Our guide was Artu. He was great. He told us of the local history and of its way of life. He spoke of being related to all people and the society where respect is normal. We saw the sites, the fish markets and the governmental buildings. We were taken to a bowling club where we learned all about the coconut and kava from experts who showed us how the coconut is used down to the last bit of fiber. It was an amazing demonstration of skill and pride. We were treated to a lunch at an old trading post restaurant. The photos and posters on the wall tell the story of its history in films, but the meals placed before us told the story of welcome guests of today. All along, Artu was with us. He and our bus driver joined us for lunch and entertained us with stories we loved to hear. If you are in the area, find Artu and tell him "Bula" from his friends from our tour. He will teach you what that word means and what it means to the folks you will meet. It's a good thing. Bula.
Reviewer: Professor Don
5 Stars
October 24, 2022
We enjoyed this tour. It was fortunate that we ended up at the Palace for the changing of the guard. Our guide did not explain what our Tea stop involved. Many people ordered plates of food only to find out that out "Tea" stop included a substantial amount of food for free.
Reviewer: Harry Ladewig
4 Stars
Great Day in Suva
April 21, 2020
This excursion met all expectations. It was a small group and we did a really nice overview of the island. Good companions, good guide and a great day. We even managed to miss the rain by perfect timing by our quide.
Reviewer: Karen Wagner
5 Stars
January 16, 2020
We were in an SUV as there were only 4 people and our guide was very informative. Took us to a market, explained the different fruits and vegetables we don't have in Australia. He showed flexibility as there were only 2 couples.The guide had great knowledge of Fiji, warm and friendly.Highly recommend him.
Reviewer: Stephen Teleki
5 Stars
November 28, 2017
This tour was excellent. Really enjoyed this tour. No insect repellent was needed. Both guide and bus driver knew alot of the history. We visited a market with lots of local produce and fish. People were weaving and doing local crafts, so we could see how they live daily. Highly recommend.
Reviewer: Sarah Younce
5 Stars
Great guide
November 15, 2017
This was your average motor coach excursion. But we had a great guide so I have nothing bad to say. She made this a good informative tour, and was so kind.
Reviewer: Marc
4 Stars
Highlight of Suva
November 06, 2017
Five star guide. Five star tour bus- best I have ever been on. Four star tour content.
Reviewer: charles miller
4 Stars
March 08, 2017
Thank you to Amy and Aneal for a great day. Unfortunately for us the weather was not on our side and the tour to the gun memorials were very dangerous because of the inclement weather but the rest of the tour was amazing and Amy was a friendly and caring hostess.
Reviewer: Jenny Burger
5 Stars