A Taste of Catania

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Excursion Highlights:
  • Dive into authentic Sicilian cuisine with A Taste of Catania, a delightful 3-hour street food tour guided by a local expert.
  • Explore Catania's main attractions and hidden gems while sampling traditional snacks and dishes, all in a small, intimate setting.
  • Receive your own Catania Food Passport, a souvenir with map that lists all the delicious food samples you'll try.
  • Enjoy interactive experiences like visiting the vibrant Pescheria fish market, watching elderly locals play Sicilian cards, and discovering secret underground spots.
  • End the tour as if with an old friend, enjoying a refreshing granita or ricotta minnuzza di Sant'Agata.
Price: $109.00   Sale Price: $89.00   Save: $20.00
Ages 5 and under are free.
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Shore Excursion Size ? Small
Shore Excursion Type Cultural, Active, Scenic, Cuisine, Walking
Shore Excursion Duration 3 Hours
Activity Level ? Easy
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? An approximately 20-minute walk from the cruise ship pier. Full details will be provided in your electronic ticket upon confirmation.
Food/Beverage Provided Tastings and beverages are included.
Recommended Dress We recommend wearing comfortable, seasonal clothing and covered walking shoes. We also recommend sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. In the heat of summer, guests should also bring along water.
Restrictions Guests must be able to walk and eat on the go. This tour is not recommended for guests with mobility issues, this tour is not wheelchair accessible. This tour is not suitable for travelers who suffer from celiac disease, those who have dairy allergies, or vegans.

A Taste of Catania

Meet your friendly and knowledgeable guide who will introduce you to Catania and help you discover her flavorful eats all from a local's point of view. This street-food tour is a relaxing 3-hour walk around the main attractions and secret spots of the city center where you will taste the most authentic local foods. Your group is kept to a small number of people which allows for a very personal, intimate, and one-on-one encounter that you just won't find on a mass-group cruise line tour. You will be given a personal Catania Food Passport, a souvenir that lists inside all the samples offered along the walk, and on the back, you will find the Catania street food tour map.

What is street food in Catania? Street food is different from the standard Sicilian cuisine, they are simple snacks cooked and served in the streets to fill up the belly of poor people. Most of these specialties are either fried or baked and must be eaten with hands.

Starts in the picturesque piazza Duomo, the main central square of Catania, and after a short introduction of the main city, symbols begin to explore the unique Pescheria fish market. Sample some freshly cooked fish (fried fish or boiled octopus) and listen to your guide unveil little secrets of the market life, explaining certain recipes and interacting with the vendors.

Continue towards Villa Pacini, where the elderly congregates each morning to play Sicilian cards, this is a true taste of Catanian life. Be provided with an arancini al ragu (meat rice ball) tasting then walk into a secret underground spot where a stream of the Amenano river flows along a lava tunnel.

There are more food and drinks to come such as the spicy anchovies, baked cipollina (baked dough stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, olives, and spring onion), refreshing fruit drinks and of course a beer toast! At each food stop your guide will explain the history and details that lie behind each recipe.

History lovers will be delighted with piazza Federico di Svevia, where the medieval Castello Ursino rises to a magnificent great height. Your guide is very knowledgeable in all things concerning the city and region and can discuss many subjects, not only food, but also art, history, and social issues.

Your tour will end back in piazza Duomo with a final sweet treat, the fresh granita (granular ice cream) with brioche or the delicate ricotta minnuzza di Sant'Agata (ricotta and almond cake). Your local guide has an easy-going and laid-back attitude making all guests feel comfortable as if you were visiting the city with an old friend.

Please Note: Street food changes seasonally and not all food is available every day. The above lists samples and some may be replaced by others. Your tastings come from the true food vendors on the streets and are not taken in restaurants. The best street food is made in modest bakeries, old inns and street stalls. Also, water is not included. It is recommend that travelers to bring their own water bottle.