Akaroa Harbor Swim with Dolphins

Swim with Dolpins Tour in Akaroa Harbor
Price: $170.00
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Shore Excursion Size ? Small
Shore Excursion Type Active, Scenic, Water/Beach
Shore Excursion Duration 3 Hours
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? The Tender Pier Area.
Food/Beverage Provided A hot drink is included.
Recommended Dress We recommend guests wear their swimsuit under comfortable clothing and sensible rubber-soled shoes. Guests should bring a towel, a light jacket, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.
Restrictions The minimum age to participate is 8 years old. All participants must be able to swim, as they will be floating in the water and will be required to swim to and from the boat, covering distances of up to 150 feet at a time. The water will be over participants' heads at times, and a degree of confidence in swimming is required, as well as a basic level of fitness. Guests must declare any pre-existing medical conditions which may limit their participation. Those with heart conditions, respiratory issues, asthma, mobility issues, and those who are pregnant may not participate. This tour is not wheelchair accessible. All guests will be required to sign a liability waiver.

Akaroa Harbor Swim with Dolphins

On this adventure you will embark on a search for dolphins in the sheltered waters of the harbor, although at times the dolphins may be further out towards the opening of the harbor. Along the way your skipper will point out areas of interest and the fascinating facts and history of the area. Once the dolphins have been located, you will be asked to jump in the ocean with these very friendly and curious creatures. These dolphins love interacting with people and can spend up to 45 minutes swimming around you. If you are lucky and they are feeling frisky they may even show you their acrobatics skills! This is their world and it is a privilege to get the chance to see them so close. You are therefore asked not to touch them, as this may harm them.

Hector's dolphins usually swim in pods of around 6 to 10, and with only 12 swimmers allowed in the water at one time, you will have plenty of one-on-one interaction with them. While it is not guaranteed you will get to swim with them, the success rate is around 80%.

After your swim, complimentary hot chocolate will be offered. Photo packages are available for purchase as a fabulous way to keep the memory alive and brag to family and friends.

Guests will be viewing or swimming with dolphins in the wild, entering their natural habitat completely on their terms. As dolphins are wild animals, sightings cannot be guaranteed on every single trip. Sometimes dolphins may have calves with them or are feeding, mating, or just resting. It's important for humans not to interact with dolphins when they don't want to. However, the success rate is high, and guests are invited to come on another trip in the unlikely event that dolphins are not spotted on their cruise. Book now for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to swim with dolphins on your trip to New Zealand!

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5 Stars5.0 / 5  |  5 ReviewsReview This Tour
Great Experience
March 16, 2020
Black Cat Tours were very professional. Their instructions were clear, and they were quite helpful with tips on how to wear a wet suit! There were few dolphins when we went out, and they gave a credit when we returned to the harbor. My husband was a "watcher", so they gave him a 50% discount! I was impressed with the company's willingness to adjust their fees without me requesting any discounts. Who can predict how many dolphins will be swimming on any given day? I would recommend this company to anyone. Even though I didn't swim with many dolphins, this was the highlight of my trip!
Reviewer: Joan Girardi
5 Stars
march 13, 2018 swim with Hector Dolphins
April 23, 2018
These Dolphins are in the long bay in Akaroa and are wild. Black Cat cruises that run the tour are great A wonderful experience of a lifetime. the only challenge was getting into the wetsuit.. It was easy to sign up for the trip via shore excursions
Reviewer: Susan Frederick
5 Stars
January 08, 2018
I have never put a wet suit on before so that was the hardest thing I did that day. I got to swim with the dolphins or lets say they swam with me. Group good size and lots of dolphins followed our boat from place to place. They were out in choppy ocean that day instead of harbor but so worth it. Never did it before. GREAT
Reviewer: Charlene Murphy
5 Stars
Swim with Dolphins
January 08, 2018
High point of our cruise in Kiwiland. Thank god for the wet suits. A lot of fun.
Reviewer: john field
5 Stars
One of the highlights of our trip!
March 22, 2016
Swimming among the dolphins was an awesome experience. So surreal and animals are so peaceful. Definitely recommend to adventurous souls alike! Bring your water-proof camera.
Reviewer: kesbona
5 Stars