Dzibanche Mayan Ruins Tour

Dzibanche Mayan Ruins Tour History in Costa Maya Petal-style Tikal
Price: $105.00
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Shore Excursion Size ? Small
Shore Excursion Type Cultural
Shore Excursion Duration 6 Hours
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? An approximately 15 minute walk from the cruise ship pier.
Food/Beverage Provided Beverages
Recommended Dress Comfortable long sleeved shirts and long pants that "breathe" is suggested. The Mexican sun can be very strong and there is always the potential for insects within the jungle. Flat soled, closed toe sensible walking shoes are recommended. Sun glasses, sunscreen are suggested.
Restrictions Minimum age to participate is 3 years old. Guests must be able to walk over packed dirt, grass and gravel. Walking is approximately two miles over two hours with stops for explanations from the guide. Steps are required as there are stone steps and large roots along the trails. Please be aware that the tour operates in the wilderness, hours away from medical facilities. Although staff do have general first aid training, this tour is not recommended for guests with serious medical conditions or small children.

Dzibanche Mayan Ruins Tour

On this Costa Maya excursion, explore the heart of the most spectacular Mayan city in Costa Maya. Admire one of the greatest examples of architecture and urban organization.

Dzibanche, meaning "writing on wood," refers to a large lintel made from quebracho wood that bears eight glyphs that date to around 620 A.D. Dzibanche was a major site during the Classic Period (300-900 A.D.) covering approximately 15 square miles. The site's most important architectural complex is made up of several plazas, ringed by large palaces and platforms from which temples rose.

The drive to Dzibanche is approximately 2-hours each way on paved highway. The last few miles to reach the site from the highway are on a packed dirt road. Based on the current weather conditions, it may be bumpy, but at the same time, not overrun by numerous large tour buses.

Your tour guide will lead you on an approximately two-mile walk over packed ground to learn about daily life, the political system and the military of the Mayan people, as you explore this ancient ceremonial center surrounded by its mystical religious buildings. The style is more in the Petan-style (such as Tikal) than the wider bases found at other sites throughout the Yucatan.

Excavations of these most spectacular temples revealed tombs with rich jade offerings for members of the elite and ruling families. The Dzibanche Mayan Ruins expedition is one you won't soon forget!

Please note: Due to the site not being as developed as other more visited sites, facilities available are limited to restrooms. There is no shopping area for film or souvenirs and food is not available for purchase. The tour duration is approximately six hours; guests with dietary requirements may want to pack a small snack to bring with them. A bottle of water will be provided at the beginning of the tour.

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Mayan Ruins
August 06, 2019
Our tour guide, Diego, and driver, were fantastic. There knowledge and expertise made this a fabulous experience we will always remember.
Reviewer: Martin Luke
5 Stars
We climbed to the top!!
April 17, 2019
What a beautifully breathtaking spot!! While it's a looong ride there, our travel guide kept us very entertained with her informative & educational posters & pictures on the way in an air conditioned comfortable van. Get ready for a workout, if you plan to walk to the top of one of the ruins--we did!! Sore for a few days afterwards, but well worth it!!! The bagged lunch was just right & they were willing to stop for some fresh pineapple @ a vendor on the way back tot the boat! Book this tour, you won't be disappointed!
Reviewer: Robyn Small
5 Stars
Fabulous trip to see Mayan Ruins
December 14, 2018
Really enjoyed the drive and visit to Dzibanche Mayan Ruins. Our driver and guide were knowledgeable of the history and current customs of the Mayan descendants in the area. A box lunch was provided. The lynch was tasty but having local cuisine would have made the tour perfect.
Reviewer: Julia Stevens
5 Stars
Great day
April 30, 2018
We had a super day at the ruins. My partner and I were the only people for this particular tour and we had our own driver and guide. Our guide, Alondra, was great. She was super knowledgeable and was able to get us to the ruins ahead of the other tours, so no crowds. She also packed us a bag lunch. This was the first cruise that I used shore excursions and was very happy with our tours. I believe we ended up with better tours for less money.
Reviewer: Sandra Campbell
5 Stars
Best tour ever
May 23, 2017
even though the drive is long, and if you run into any mechanical issues you may miss you ship departure, once you arrive at the site you will defitinitly find it was worth the ride. our guide Lorenzo was extremely knowledgeable on the ruins and its history. I was worry about the return time but they manage to get us back with enough time to shop a little. if you have the time you have to stop and get some pineapples, they were so sweet. once you get to the site you feel like you have traveled back to the Mayan period. you can go and climb two of the buildings and feel on top of the world.
Reviewer: jose colon
5 Stars
Great way to spend the day!
May 03, 2017
We had an awesome day with tour guide Rose and driver, Habner. The Dzibanche ruins are a 2 hour drive, but definitely worth it. You are allowed to, respectfully, explore the ruins. Due to the distance, there were only a few tourists. Rose is very knowledgeable and Habner was a good driver.
Reviewer: Marilynn & Neal
5 Stars