Embera Indians Village and Gamboa Rainforest Reserve

Nature Walk Village and Gamgoa Rainforest Reserve
Price: $159.00
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Shore Excursion Size ? Standard
Shore Excursion Type Cultural, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration 6 Hours 30 Minutes
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? An approximately 5 minute walk from the cruise pier.
Food/Beverage Provided A 6-inch sandwich, and bottled water are included.
Recommended Dress We recommend wearing comfortable, seasonal clothing and closed-toe walking shoes. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are suggested.
Restrictions Participants must be able to get in and out of the tour vehicle.

Embera Indians Village and Gamboa Rainforest Reserve

A once in a lifetime chance for you to drive on a luxurious, air-conditioned motor bus along a path that was formerly taken by the Spanish Conquistadors and the 49ers looking for a shortcut to find gold. The Panama Canal cuts through one of the narrowest parts of the Isthmus of Panama approx. 80 kilometers long. In simple terms, it bisects the Continental Divide and links North and South America with the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Your first destination will be the GAMBOA RAINFOREST RESERVE. Take a voyage back in time on a Panga-style boat to an authentic Embera Indian village, where indigenous people are dedicated to maintaining a traditional way of life and will impart their traditional traditions. Vasco Nunez de Balboa's first steps in Panama were followed by the discovery of the Pacific Ocean. When Vasco Nunez de Balboa first set foot in Panama, the original inhabitants of the coast and the Panamanian rainforest come alive and remain the same today. The moment you meet these gentle, friendly people and are welcomed by the community's leader with their traditional hospitality, you get a glimpse of what the early explorers found so many years ago. Observe their simple way of life and the various facets of their culture firsthand through a presentation of folk dances that tell their tale.

Explore the community, engage in conversation with the friendly locals, and ask questions. Keep in mind that you are guests in their homes and a good measure of common sense and sensitivity to the privacy of the indigenous people will be regarded and is appreciated. The locals will encourage you to venture out and have a wander about the surrounding area, which is brimming with birds and other varieties of wildlife. The Emberas will offer you a glimpse into their mystical ceremonies and extraordinary understanding of natural pigments and medicinal plants during your tour. The men and women of the Embera are extraordinary and skillful artisans who design beautiful objects that may be purchased as souvenirs of this unique experience.

As you continue your search toward the Pacific, you will eventually find yourself in the middle of a lush tropical forest. The dense forest progressively clears as you travel through Pedro Miguel's second set of locks, a single flight that was the first to be finished. Continue to the Balboa townsite for a quick look at the former Canal Zone, where American military installations serve as a subtle reminder of the area's strategic importance.

Your final stop is Flamenco Island on the Causeway, where you'll have some free time to enjoy the breath-taking views of the city's magnificent skyline and the entrance to the Panama Canal. The moment has come to turn around and return to the buses so that you may go back to the pier where your ship is waiting. Make the most of your trip to Panama by giving you an in-depth overview of the Panama Canal and its beautiful surrounding areas.

Please note: This tour may operate in reverse order. Boarding/debark of local Panga style boat requires a minimum of strength and flexibility. Since the landing lacks handrails or proper steps, assistance will be available.

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An experience
February 13, 2023
Our guide was very personable and made the trip. He wanted us not to just have a "tour" but and "experience" It was very enjoyable and informative.
Reviewer: Claudia abd Roger Ellis
5 Stars
Tour comments
December 19, 2019
All around great tour.Our Guide, most informative and adept at translating the Embera language. Fabulous Lock Museum.
Reviewer: B Jennings
5 Stars