Lipica Stud Farm & Skocjan Caves

Lipica Stud Farm & Skocjan Caves
Excursion Highlights:
  • Experience the unique allure of Slovenia with a visit to the historic Lipica Stud Farm and enchanting Å kocjan Caves.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Lipizzan horses, first bred in 1580, and discover their rigorous "high school" dressage training.
  • Descend into the awe-inspiring Å kocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting one of the world's largest underground canyons.
  • Marvel at stalactites, water rapids, and glassy lakes while traversing a bridge across a 40ft deep underground cavern, an awe-inspiring adventure.
  • Stroll amid the lush green meadows and towering trees of the Karst landscape, home to an array of diverse flora and fauna.
Price: $149.00
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Shore Excursion Size ? Standard
Shore Excursion Type Cultural, Scenic, Walking
Shore Excursion Duration 7 Hours
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? Cruise Ship Pier
Food/Beverage Provided Food and wine samples will provided at the end of the tour.
Recommended Dress Comfortable light clothing, a cap, sunglasses, walking shoes and sunscreen.
Restrictions Guests must be capable of walking for extended periods. This tour is not wheelchair accessible. Guests should carry their passports at all times.

Lipica Stud Farm & Škocjan Caves

Looking for something different? Tired of the usual sightseeing? In just seven hours, you can experience two of the most unique touring adventures in Slovenia. Spend the first part of your day at a historic manor among gorgeous white Lipizzan horses, which have been bred in this idyllic countryside since 1580. The second part of your Slovenian adventure takes place far underground in the Škocjan Caves, where gigantic stalactites and glass-like lakes create an other-worldly atmosphere.

Begin your two-part tour in the lush Slovenian countryside at the famous Lipica Stud Farm. This is where Lipizzan horses were first bred by Archduke Charles II. The farm's historic manor, stable, and Lipikum Museum offer visitors a look into the glory and tradition of this long line of beloved horses. (They're so well-loved by the Slovenian people that you can find a pair of Lipizzan horses on the local 20 cent Euro coin.) Stroll through the green meadows amid towering oak and chestnut trees of the Karst landscape and see the majestic white animals who are known for their rigorous training in the "high school" dressage movements, including "airs above the ground." Horse enthusiasts and animal lovers alike will be enchanted by these spectacular creatures.

Following your tour of the Lipica Stud Farm, it's time to take a walk below the surface of the Earth. Škocjan Caves is listed as a UNESCO natural and cultural World Heritage Site due to its geological significance. Not only are the caves home to one of the largest underground canyons in the world, but they were also inhabited during prehistoric times, and due to their unique microclimatic conditions, an entire ecosystem has evolved within. The sheer size of the caves is awe-inspiring and not to be missed. Underground you will find water rapids, lakes, and a bridge that allows you to walk 40 meters above the canyon. The panoramic views will make your jaw drop. At the end of the Škocjan Caves tour, enjoy the open-air museum known as the Škocjan Caves Regional Park, where you can learn about the Karst region's unspoiled natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage.

If you want a Slovenia day tour like no other, book your ticket now. Spend a full day in the Karst countryside enjoying its flora, fauna, and geological treasures, and bring home countless remarkable memories. (Please note: this tour is not wheelchair accessible, and guests must be capable of walking for extended periods. Guests should carry their Passports at all times.)