Private Best of Athens with Lunch

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Ages 4 and under are free.
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Shore Excursion Size ? Private
Shore Excursion Type Cultural, Scenic, Cuisine
Shore Excursion Duration 8 Hours
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? Outside Cruise Terminal.
Food/Beverage Provided Lunch is Included.
Recommended Dress We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and sensible, flat-soled walking shoes. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also recommended. For those wishing to visit any churches, ensure shoulders and knees are covered.
Restrictions Security restrictions at the Acropolis prohibit entrance with large bags and backpacks. Guests should expect lines and crowds at the Acropolis. There is a moderate amount of walking on this tour (more than 1 mile) and you may need to climb up full flights of steps and/or negotiate uneven terrain. This tour is not wheelchair accessible but folding wheelchairs can be stored on the bus.

Visit ancient archeological sites and museums to gaze on iconic artifacts from the Bronze Age and beyond when you embark on this exciting private tour in Athens. Your tour includes a comfortable sightseeing tour via a private motor coach bus to see iconic attractions as you travel through Athens suburbs and to the Acropolis, such as the Parliament building at Constitution Square. Enjoy a tasty buffet-style Greek lunch and a day led by an expert, local tour guide as you explore the New Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum, and the many landmarks in the Acropolis, including the Parthenon and the Erechtheum. With so many ancient sites and artifacts to explore, this private tour is ideal for history aficionados.

Kick off your tour by departing with your private, knowledgeable guide from Athens' main port Piraeus to go on a scenic drive through the suburbs of Athens until you reach your first destination: the Acropolis. This archaeological site offers a ton of masterpieces that showcase the architectural splendor of Greece's Golden Age, and you'll get to visit some of the best ones, such as the Temple of the Wingless Victory and the colossal Propylaea Entrance. When you arrive at the Acropolis, notice a winding path made up of 150 steps that take you to the hilltop. From here you can catch panoramic city skyline views and follow your guide as you listen to the stories about this ancient site's history and view other iconic remnants, including the Erectheum and Parthenon, the largest temple in Greece.

Continue your tour with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum, the first of its kind in Greece that houses one of the richest collections of artifacts of Greek civilization. Here, enjoy viewing an array of artifacts that date to Greece's prehistoric days, including Neolithic vases and jewelry and sculptures from the Classical period. Enjoy a guided tour of the New Acropolis Museum and take in its beauty as the natural light from its oversized windows illuminate its exhibits and artifacts with natural light and catch spectacular views of the Parthenon. Here, find a wide selection of artifacts from the Acropolis such as animal-themed votive sculptures and life-size statues.

Break for lunch to dine on local Greek cuisine and whet your taste buds with delicious wine. Your sightseeing tour will also take you past iconic landmarks like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Old Olympic Stadium, Constitution Square, and Hadrian's Arch, where you can catch a glimpse of this colossal gateway. Take pictures on your way back to your port along a scenic drive as you end your full-day private tour.

If you're looking for a tour with a cultural experience that takes you back to Ancient Greece, then this tour is for you. Make visiting Ancient Greece simple and memorable. Book this tour today to reserve your spot and experience Athens' ancient past.