Private Salalah Desert Safari

Private Salalah Desert Safari
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Private Salalah Desert Safari

This private guided desert excursion is a spectacular day filled with camel sightings, a colorful sea of sand and cascading dunes at Al Rub al Khali desert, plus the fabled Lost City of Ubar and the famous frankincense trees at Wadi Dawkah. This exclusive Salalah tour will create memories lasting a lifetime!

Your day of desert adventure begins when your private, experienced guide collects you in a well equipped vehicle. Soon after, you'll enter Al Rub al Khali, the world's largest sand desert. This 'quarter of emptiness' composes 225,000 square miles. Colors dance on the slopes and knife like ridges dismay its visitors with magnificence. While exploring, Bedouins (Arabian desert nomads) may approach to offer camel's milk and dates, bringing a unique, cultural experience to the journey.

Shisr is the next leg to encounter the fabled 'Lost City of Ubar'. This remarkable area dubbed the Atlantis of the Sands was only discovered in 1992 with the help of NASA satellites. This center of Frankincense trade was buried in the shifting desert for centuries. Your private tour guide will go into more detail about the town and its luxurious offerings, including local trades of exotic fragrances.

Thereafter you'll visit Wadi Dawkah, a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site. This vast protected stretch of frankincense trees is quite a spectacle and perfect for taking unique photos. Learn how the precious sap from the trees brought tremendous wealth to the area while opening more communication worldwide with Europe and China.

Booking this private, magical Salalah tour will be a sure hit. Dress comfortably for the season.

Shore Excursion Size
Shore Excursion Type
Cultural, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration
7 Hours
Activity Level
Shore Excursion Leaves From
Cruise Port Terminal
Food/Beverage Provided
Water available in vehicle and lunch available for purchase during lunch break
Recommended Dress
Comfortable lightweight summer clothing and walking shoes is suitable for most of the year, but sweaters or jackets may be needed for the winter months, especially in the evenings. Good quality sunglasses are advised, and photo-chromatic lenses for those who wear spectacles. Hats and some protection for the head are advisable when in direct sunlight. The Sultanate of Oman has conservative dress traditions. Swimwear must be confined to the beach and hotel pools. Men and women should ensure shoulders and knees are covered when in public, especially in souks, shops/malls and villages.
Must be able to get in and out of vehicle. Not handicap accessible.