Private Top 10 Highlights and Bay of Fundy

Private Top 10 Highlights and Bay of Fundy
Excursion Highlights:
  • Experience the vibrant city of Saint John and charming Saint Martins on a private, VIP tour, delving into their history and culture.
  • Explore the world's highest tides at the Bay of Fundy, revealing hidden caves, dramatic cliffs, and marine life at low tide.
  • Discover Saint John's picturesque neighborhoods, historical architecture, and lively City Market, offering local delicacies and unique trinkets.
  • Wander through the immaculate Kings Square and visit the significant Loyalist Burial Grounds with its evocative tombstone engravings.
  • This tour is perfect for history enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering a personal, intimate experience of Saint John's gems. Book fast to avoid disappointment."
From $120.00/person to $850.00/person (Select "Individuals" below) Price varies based on number of individuals in your group
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Shore Excursion Size ? Private
Shore Excursion Type Cultural, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration 5 Hours 30 Minutes
Activity Level ? Easy
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? An approximately 5-minute walk from the cruise ship pier.
Food/Beverage Provided Not Included
Recommended Dress We recommend wearing comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy, enclosed footwear such as walking shoes, sneakers, etc. Walking on the beaches may be uneven because of the rocks.
Restrictions Guests must be able to get in and out of transportation. This tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Private Top 10 Highlights and Bay of Fundy

This private tour option is the very best way for your small group, family or friends to explore Saint John and Saint Martins with exclusive VIP treatment. Saint John, also known as the Greatest Little City in the East, is a vibrant waterfront town and you'll soon understand why as you immerse yourself in its Victorian charms, Irish roots and friendly people. Also visit Saint Martins -- the village was founded as Quaco by 1783 by soldiers from the disbanded loyalist King's Orange Rangers. Life here is governed by the rhythm of the world's highest tides.

Stroll through picturesque tree-lined neighborhoods and make your way down to the historical architecture in the Trinity Royal Heritage Conservation Area. At the City Market you will meander through aisles of stalls with vendors peddling everything from fruit and cheese to gourmet coffees, teas and local apparel. Enjoy the immaculate gardens, monuments and bandstand at the public Kings Square, then head to the Loyalist Burial Grounds with its semi-circular, arch-topped wrought iron gates. Once here, look at the worn engravings on the original tombstones of the first residents who arrived in America for "a way of life free of persecution and hostilities." While in town, head to the Saint John River to watch the Reversing Falls Rapids, a series of rapids and whirlpools that occur as the river collides with the Bay of Fundy.

Down in the quaint fishing village of Saint Martin, you will find the world's best seafood chowder and the world-famous Bay of Fundy. This special bay, has the world's highest tides thanks to its unique delta shape. At the extreme, the difference between the low and high tides can measure up to 19 meters (62 feet)! Arrive at the bay when the Atlantic Ocean has rescinded and walk up to 12 meters (40 feet) across the ocean floor and see dark, hidden caves, breathtaking rock cliffs, dramatic mud flats and much more. While here, learn about the 12 species of whales as well as dolphins, fish, seals and other marine life that call these marvelous waters home.

This tour is a must-do for history buffs and bona fide nature lovers! Book this private tour now and reserve your very own transportation and guide for a very intimate and personal experience while in Saint John, New Brunswick.