Private Rainforest

Private Rain Forest Tour Australia
Excursion Highlights:
  • Experience the captivating wonders of O'Reilly's Green Mountains, an exclusive private rainforest tour from Cairns featuring diverse flora and fauna.
  • Awe-inspiring sights await at every turn, from agile wallabies in Cairns suburbs to the stately Cathedral Fig Tree in Danbulla State Forest.
  • Enjoy the serenity of the Cairns Tablelands, marvel at the Twin Bull Kauri Pines, and savor afternoon tea at Lake Barrine.
  • Discover a multitude of species in the bio-diverse Atherton Tablelands, including rainforest birds, butterflies, and unique reptiles.
  • End your day with a comprehensive tour-provided dinner and thrilling nighttime wildlife spotting adventure. Equipment and rain ponchos included.
From $178.00/person to $1,261.00/person (Select "Individuals" below) Price varies based on number of individuals in your group
Choose Options My Cruise Itinerary
Shore Excursion Size ? Private
Shore Excursion Type Active, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration 8 Hours
Activity Level ? Easy
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? The Cruise Ship Pier.
Food/Beverage Provided Afternoon tea and dinner is included.
Recommended Dress We recommend wearing comfortable seasonal clothing, closed toe walking shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
Restrictions Participants must be able to step in and out of a vehicle and walk over uneven ground.

Private Rainforest

It's just you and your traveling companions on this private rainforest tour from Cairns. Walk among the diverse flora and fauna to discover the endless beauty of Australia's wild side. Did you know that agile wallabies hop around the suburbs of Cairns? You'll see these adorable creatures up close at the beginning of this Cairns tour. If you like wildlife, it will be obvious from the outset that this is the Australia tour for you.

A trip up the winding roads of the GIllies Range into the Cairns Tablelands will bring you 800 meters above sea level. In the Danbulla State Forest, the twisting, strangling roots of the stately Cathedral Fig Tree create a spectacular sanctuary inside, giving the tree its name. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of birds fluttering, chirping, and singing.

Following your first rainforest walk, afternoon tea will be served at the volcanic crater lake, Lake Barrine, and then nature will awe you once again with the Twin Bull Kauri Pines, found after a walk through the forest.

The lush rainforest and volcanic crater lakes of Atherton Tablelands form a bio-diverse area that is habitat for many species. You may catch a glimpse of anything from rainforest birds and butterflies to bat-like flying foxes, tiny musky rat-kanagroos hopping on the forest floor, or lizards like the Boyd's forest dragon, which may be perched on trees.

At Lake Eacham, you'll look for saw shelled turtles, archerfish -- which leap out of the water to catch their prey -- and spiky-headed swimming lizards called eastern water dragons. As the sun starts to set, head to the viewing area to take a peek at the unique duck-billed platypus.

After a tour-provided dinner and refreshments, you will head back into the dark rainforest, this time to the stunning curtain fig tree. Most of Australia's wildlife is nocturnal, so get ready for action. All of the equipment on this Cairns sightseeing tour, including binoculars, spotlighting gear, and rain ponchos, is included in the price. This private rainforest tour from Cairns is perfect for nature lovers and those who want to explore the wild side of Australia.