Stockholm Off Trail Nature Hike

Price: $138.00
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Shore Excursion Size ? Small
Shore Excursion Type Active, Scenic
Shore Excursion Duration 8 Hours
Activity Level ? Moderate
Shore Excursion Leaves From ? Norrmalmstorg, 103 92 Stockholm, in the middle of the square.
Food/Beverage Provided Light Lunch
Recommended Dress We recommend wearing comfortable clothing with hiking boots / hiking shoes, a warm swaeter or jacket and a raincoat.
Restrictions Guests must be physically fit. Sturdy shoes or boots that provide good ankle support are required.

Stockholm Off Trail Nature Hike

Take a walk on the wild side on this off-trail hiking tour through Stockholm's finest nature reserve. Explore the unspoiled forest of Stockholm's southern half as you go off the beaten track and see nature untouched by human hands.

After leaving the city by minivan, your Swedish adventure tour begins when you enter the nature reserve. Your experienced guide will share information with you about the trek and will lead you on a journey beyond the well-traveled trails. Learn about the region's geological history and how it evolved from a mountain range to an archipelago.

The hike starts with an easily accessible path. Walk and climb your way through a scenic wonderland that once was a mighty mountain chain as you leave the typical paths behind and visit the hidden gems of Sweden's great outdoors. Because of the nature reserve's size, your guide will lead you along well accessible tracks to get to different points of interest and take you further afield to explore unspoiled areas of nature.

Some tracks are technical with lots of rocks and roots, so be prepared for some serious adventure. As you explore the forest, marvel at the different species of wildlife in the reserve. Bird species are particularly plentiful and include the pygmy owl, black woodpecker, green woodpecker, three-toed woodpecker, capercaillie, and many other birds. Beavers, moose, and deer are very active in this area, as well, and you are likely to see active beaver dams along the way.

Using the main roads to travel between areas of interest, your guide will take you into off-track areas for forays into the reserve's natural beauty. Hike your way through an enchanting virgin forest, view a scenic overlook, and witness an area scorched by wildfire. You will see several beautiful lakes and walk across a solid granite plateau. Enjoy a campfire lunch and share tales of adventure with your fellow travelers. The journey ends with a visit to a tiny settlement that has been inhabited by villagers since the iron age. It's not your typical Stockholm!

This tour involves physical motion, so guests must be in reasonably healthy condition to participate. Guests must be 16 years or older. Recommended attire for this small-group tour includes a warm sweater, comfortable (waterproof) walking trousers, and a rain jacket. Hiking boots or hiking shoes are a must, and a water bottle, sunglasses, and a camera are recommended items to bring with you, as well. Quality binoculars, rain ponchos, hiking poles, backpacks, and outdoor sitting pads are provided for you on the tour along with your lunch.