Panama Canal Cruise Excursions & Tours

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Panama Canal is a fascinating colonial retreat with a rich cultural heritage.

A cruise through the Panama Canal is a very unique and exciting experience that features many outstanding ports. While the cruise lines focus on your transportation, we focus on your destination. From the tropical beauty of the Caribbean in the East to lush Costa Rica in Central America to the rich culture of the Mexican Riviera in the West (and many ports in between), Shore Excursions Group offers an outstanding collection of Panama Canal cruise excursions for our customers. In Grand Cayman, enjoy a shore excursion to world famous Stingray City where you can swim with friendly stingrays. On one of our Costa Rica shore excursions, climb aboard a river boat to see the beautiful flora and fauna of this lush destination. In Acapulco, enjoy a shore excursion to see the city's may highlights including the world famous cliff divers as they plunge into the sea far below.

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Panama Canal cruise excursions to Central America.