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Exclusive Highlights of Punta Arenas

Price: $91.00   Sale Price: $76.00   Save: $15.00
Visit the highlights of this historic city, the first human settlement that has remained permanently in the Austral Patagonia.
4.5 Stars50 Reviews
Excursion Size: Standard
Excursion Type: Cultural, Scenic
Food/Beverage: Not Included
Activity Level: Easy
Excursion Duration: 3 Hours

Horseback Riding

Price: $215.00   Sale Price: $170.00   Save: $45.00
Explore the more rugged regions by horseback with your local guide.
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Excursion Size: Standard
Excursion Type: Active, Scenic
Food/Beverage: Snack, Beverages
Activity Level: Moderate
Excursion Duration: 4 Hours

Punta Arenas Chile Shore Excursions

Punta Arenas is situated in the southernmost region of Chile, the capital of Magallanes and Antartica Chilena. With its rich history and one-of-a-kind culture, Punta Arenas has much to see and do. Encounter animal life native to Punta Arenas by visiting the Otway Sound Penguin Rookery, home to thousands of penguins, or go horseback riding through some of Punta Arenas's most beautiful regions. Tour the city from both land and sea, with either a shore excursion through the streets of Punta Arenas, or on a kayaking tour on the waters surrounding the city for different perspectives.