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Manatee Swim and Chankanaab Park

Price: $65.00
Children under 12 OR under 4'7" must be accompanied by 1 paying adult (18+) per child. Children 13+ may swim on their own if an adult (18+) is present.
This tour operates Monday through Saturday.
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Tour Details
Tour Details

There's swimming, and then there's swimming with manatees! The Cozumel Manatee Swim and Chankanaab Park excursion will be the absolute highlight of your Cozumel visit.

Manatees, once thought by sailors to be mermaids, are beautiful and enormous creatures that can grow as long as 13 feet and weigh up to 1300 pounds. Submerse yourself in the underwater world of the manatee.

During this unusual Manatee Swim and Chankanaab Park Cozumel excursion, you will be able to meet and interact with these magnificent creatures. Start with a 15-minute briefing about the manatee and an explanation of the activities you will experience.

You will then enter the water on a submerged platform from which you'll be able to interact with the manatee, including the very popular kiss and hug. You will also have a chance to feed them in their home in the sea.

Each session is 30 minutes, with 15 minutes in the water. The group size is limited to 10 people to ensure that you have a very personal experience on this Cozumel excursion. There will be a professional photographer on hand taking pictures and videos.

Please Note: The tour duration is only for the encounter portion. Your tour ticket includes admission to Chankanaab National Marine Park. Guests can arrive at any time and make use of the facilities at the park. Your animal encounter begins at the time on your ticket.

The taxi ride is not included in the tour price so you can come and go at your will. The park is open from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM local time. The park offers a beach, swimming pool and snorkel area. Restrooms and showers are available. Beach chairs and snorkel gear can be rented. There is a restaurant offering food and drinks for sale. There is a Sea Lion Show and Dolphin Presentation most days; check the schedule when you arrive for shows that day. There is also a Manatee Exhibition and self-guided Archaeological Tour available. The park admission is included in your dolphin tour. Guests in your party who will not be participating in the dolphin activity should book the "An Adventure in Chankanaab" tour in order to enter the park.

Shore Excursion Size
Small Group
Shore Excursion Type
Water/Beach, Active
Shore Excursion Duration
2+ Hours
Activity Level
Shore Excursion Leaves From
A 15-minute taxi ride (not included) is required to reach your departure location. (Full details will be provided in your electronic ticket upon confirmation.)
Food/Beverage Provided
Not Included
Recommended Dress
We recommend wearing a swimsuit under comfortable clothing and shoes. A towel, sunglasses, and biodegradable sunscreen (for after the manatee portion) is recommended. Sunblock, jewelry, watches, rings, bracelets, or any object which might scratch the manatees is not permitted in the water with the manatees.
The MINIMUM HEIGHT to participate is 4 feet tall. Children under 12 years old OR under 4 feet 7 inches must be accompanied by one participating, paying adult per child. If children are 13 years old and over, they may swim on their own, but they must have an adult present at the manatee facility.

Pregnant women may not participate in this tour. All participants should be competent swimmers and comfortable with the use of mask, fins, and snorkel. Each person is required to wear a life jacket. Sunblock, jewelry, watches, rings, bracelets, or any object which might scratch the manatees is not permitted in the water with the manatees. The instructors have the final say on what can and cannot be worn in the water with the manatees. For security reasons, personal cameras are not allowed in the water, nor in the program area. A professional photographer will be on hand to take pictures, which will be available for purchase.
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5 StarsManatee SwimMay 16, 2019

Reviewer: Debbie Todd
The start of this excursion getting a taxi wasn’t fun because he was trying to charge us $15 and I had read everything where it was suppose to be around $10. So with persistence we got it for $12. But once we got to the park, it was really nice. We purchased our pictures ahead of time so they also gave us taxi ride back to ship along with a lunch buffet and free drinks and snorkel gear. They ended up taking 116 pictures of my husband and I since we were the only ones on the excursion. It was so cool though because we got to feed the manatees the whole box of lettuce. You also have fish swimming around you while your feeding them. A really nice excursion.

5 StarsThey are the cutest! May 07, 2019

Reviewer: Linda Mattes
I will do this a thousand times over! You get so much interaction with these big, beautiful, creatures! They actually swim up to you, while you’re on the platform in the water, even grabbing onto to your legs and thighs to get up close to you! So don’t be afraid! All they want is your love... and the lettuce leaf you’re holding! These manatees almost immediately swim up to you upon getting into the water! Just so much interaction with them! They feel slimy and hairy but your hands stay slime free & clean! Trust me, I’m a nurse, I know clean, and whatever protect coating these manatees have, stays in them and won’t rub off! Dolphins just swim by you and ignore you... no fun! And don’t worry, manatees are vegetarian! They don’t eat people! Best excursion ever!

5 StarsChankanaab is great!April 26, 2019

Reviewer: James Peterson
We purchased the manatee swim for our two sons and ourselves because it was cheaper than the the dolphin experience. When we arrived, the cashier offered the dolphin experience, with lunch and drinks included, for $30 per person. I asked, and lunch, by itself would have been $25 per person. Of course, we bought it. The staff is pretty well organized, and everything moves efficiently. The trainers are very knowledgeable and you get a lot of time in the water with the manatees. After the obligatory photo ops, you get to swim out into the middle of the enclosure and feed them. That's the most amazing part. Pictures are very expensive, we bought two for $40 each. You're not allowed to bring your own camera, so prepare for that. The park is beautiful and there's plenty of other activities.

4 StarsGreat experienceApril 11, 2019

Reviewer: James cornes
Great experience, top notch people. I would have given 5 stars but the pictures were way to expensive. $40 for 1 or the package for $140

5 StarsManatee SwimApril 11, 2019

Reviewer: Rob
20 years ago while on our honeymoon we visited Chankanaab and did the dolphin excursion and have the pictures of the dolphin kiss on the wall today. Now that we have 18 and 15 year olds I wanted to do it again. The manatee Swim is so much more interactive than the dolphin was. Its extremely reasonably priced and was phenomenal. I went in knowing but be prepared for the price gouge for digital copies of the photos. You kind of have to by memories of the experience and that's where they get ya.

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