Caribbean Shore Excursions and Tours

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The Caribbean is a unique tropical paradise - Pick Your Port of Call

Caribbean cruise excursions provide an array of beautiful tropical settings, ready to take you deep into a paradise getaway. Our carefully selected Caribbean shore excursions are designed to give you a memorable experience, from active water sports to lounging on sun-drenched tropical beaches. Seeing the Caribbean from a ship is impressive. Exploring and experiencing the Caribbean islands onshore tours and in the water is what it is all about.

At Shore Excursions Group, we offer a wide variety of exceptional shore excursions to Caribbean destinations, providing our customers with the best experience possible.

  • On our Roatan shore excursion trip, you can experience our land and sea tour, zipline through the jungle, or relax on a sugar sand beach.
  • On one of our Cozumel shore port excursions, explore the fascinating local coral reefs from a boat or in the turquoise waters.
  • Take a Nassau, Bahamas cruise excursion to enjoy the amenities at the world-class Atlantis resort, golf by the sea, or explore the many local artisan shops.
  • Go sightseeing around Puerto Plata on an excursion or walk on the white sand beaches of the Dominican Republic.
  • Get lost in the beauty of Pigeon Island National Park while on your St. Lucia tour and enjoy some of the best snorkeling around.
  • Join an Ocho Rios excursion to explore this Caribbean port town located on Jamaica's amazing north coast. You can kayak at St. Ann Parish, snorkel around Montego Bay, or enjoy a scuba diving adventure tour near Negril.

Shore Excursion Group offers more than 40 Caribbean tours, from Antigua to Grenada. As one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world, the Caribbean has plenty to offer visitors from all walks of life. Trust our tour operators to leave you with memories for a lifetime. Tropical paradise, gorgeous sights, and a vibrant culture await. Whether you're traveling with a large or small group, we can accommodate your party. Browse our Caribbean ports to find your next memorable destination today!

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Caribbean tours to beach boardwalk.
Beach Day ?
January 09, 2024
It was a little difficult to find the taxi station at the port.
Reviewer: Gary Hunter
4 Stars
Amazing Excursion
January 09, 2024
Our group definitely enjoyed this excursion! Our young adults weren’t sure if they would enjoy the ruins, but they had an excellent time! Clay was extremely knowledgeable in the wildlife and on the river tour. Garrett was the best tour guide for the ruins. Both were very helpful in making sure that our questions were answered and everyone had a great experience! I would recommend this excursion to anyone.
Reviewer: Wendy Lang
5 Stars
Full of Adventure
January 09, 2024
What a tour of this beautiful Island! Our guides were Loyd and Shal and they were amazing! So full of stories, enlightenment and love for this island. The tour was amazing! We saw the Pitons, waterfall, choco store, volcano, food, bananas plants etc. Can not wait to return for a longer stay on this lovely Island. Thank you Jungle Tours and the crew mentioned above!
Reviewer: Devin Rogers
5 Stars
Zip Lines and Horseback Ride
January 09, 2024
Great tour.
Reviewer: Kim Dorsey
5 Stars
The BEST excursion we have ever done!
January 09, 2024
From the start our tour guide was very informative about the island and each stop. He was very friendly and answered all of our questions! We had the absolute best time with the Sloths and Monkeys. The horseback riding was great and our guide took some awesome pictures of us with the horses in the ocean. Our favorite part was the snorkeling!! The 2nd best reef in the world and it was just beautiful!! We were awestruck with what we were seeing!! You have to do this we have been on many excursions and this by far was worth every penny!!!
Reviewer: Alison Fields
5 Stars
Altún Ha and Belize River Cruise
January 09, 2024
We booked this excursion as part of a cruise in December. It was excellent ! We can’t say enough about our awesome guides Lizette and Darrell and Darren. They were so knowledgeable about the ruins and animals we saw on the jungle cruise and about Belize in general. They worked hard to make sure we got the most out of both adventures . We saw lots of howler monkeys, crocs, iguanas, manatees, dolphins, bats and tons of native birds. Highly recommend!!
Reviewer: Pam Graves
5 Stars
We had a wonderful Antiguan Experience
January 09, 2024
We enjoyed the Antiguan Experience. It was so awesome to be invited into a local's home. We had ample time to look around and were served some tea. We also went to other neat landmarks such as a pineapple farm. We spent the rest of our time on an uncrowded beach and enjoyed a wonderful meal.
Reviewer: Hayley Liddle
5 Stars
Coke Diver Center Nails It
January 08, 2024
Great instruction from Tristan! My two sons and I participated in Tristan’s tour of the ocean floor and he did a great job getting everyone setup, knowledgeable and going. Paid very close attention to getting everyone properly buoyant and able to handle the gear. And most importantly, made sure everyone was safe as we toured the ocean bottom for all of the wonderful sea life.
Reviewer: Harley Green
5 Stars
Beach Ride
January 08, 2024
This was my first time on a horse at the age of 65. We were a small group, my husband, myself and a younger couple but we had a wonderful time. Mounting the horse was not as difficult and challenging as I thought. I was so nervous about mounting the horse I almost backed out. So glad I didn’t!! The guide was very knowledgeable and supportive. The only drawback was we were not able to swim with the horses because of the weather conditions. We were refunded that portion of the tour. I would highly recommend this tour it was truly a lot of fun and something I would definitely do again.
Reviewer: Diane Latham-Dorsey
5 Stars
Excellent excursion
January 08, 2024
The tour guide and driver was very punctual and knowledgeable They were trying their best to make sure we had seen and enjoyed each scene I am highly recommended this tour
Reviewer: Angie Tan
5 Stars