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Europe is one of the most fascinating places on Earth. While the cruise lines focus on your transportation, our Europe excursions and tours focus on your destination activities. From St. Petersburg, Russia in the North Santorini, Greece in the South, to Lisbon, Portugal and Barcelona, Spain in the West and Istanbul, Turkey in the East (and many ports in between), Shore Excursions Group offers an outstanding collection of European vacation packages.

Northern Europe

The United Kingdom is made of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and offers a wealth of sightseeing activities. You can check out London's iconic 'Big Ben' clock tower, stop by medieval Old Town in Edinburgh, or discover the Scottish Highlands. There's so much to see and do that a trip to the UK is a must-do.

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation located between Finland and Norway. On one of our Stockholm shore trips, tour the awe-inspiring Royal Palace or shop in the fascinating old town of Gamla Stan. Feeling adventurous? Ski down the Swiss Alps at breakneck speeds, but if that sounds too scary, their thermal spas are the way to go. Denmark touches Sweden's southern border and is known for its rich culture, from the many art galleries and museums to the Renaissance palaces and Baroque castles. Check-in with local guides to get the most out of your stay.

Southern & Western Europe

Spain lies between Portugal and France. Between the three of them, there are a variety of tour packages and things to do. Take a small group on our Barcelona Tapas Tour or catch a heart-pumping Real Madrid game. Doing a couples trip? Paris is just about the most romantic city on the whole continent for a reason. Enjoy guided tours, from the magnifique Eiffel Tower to the intriguing Louvre Museum. Oh, and let's not forget about the delicious French cuisine!

Italy is an absolute must. Go to Florence, the home of incredible Renaissance masterpieces, or try some authentic Italian pizza in Sicily. Experience Rome by taking a tour of St. Peter's Basilica and Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel or a 5-star lunch overlooking the "Eternal City" for a trip to remember. You can take a gondola ride on the Grand Canal while serenaded by a gondolier in Venice. From the Roman Colosseum to Vatican City, you can spend your entire vacation in Italy and have the time of your life.

No Europe travel tour is complete without a stop in Greece, situated on the southern tip of the Balkans. Athens is the capital and where you can walk up the Acropolis to marvel at the Parthenon or stroll along the famous Plaka. It also has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Basin, featuring thousands of beautiful Greek islands. Renowned for its beaches, from Santorini's black sands to the party resorts of Mykonos, Greece is legendary.

Central & Eastern Europe

To the East of the Netherlands and just north of Austria lies Germany. It has it all - captivating scenery, marvelous landscapes, castles and timber towns straight out of fairytale books, and an abundant culture full of sensory treats. There are great cities like Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg that offer a ton to do.

Surrounded by the Australian Alps and sprinkled with sparkling lakes, Austria is considered one of the most gorgeous destinations in Europe. Vienna is the capital and a tourism hot spot. Discover all the amazing sights and the city's rich history at your own pace on a convenient Hop-on, Hop-off Bus Tour.

The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia, is a landlocked country that borders Germany, Austria, and Poland. Prague is the capital, and its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic architecture of their castles, chateaus, and mansions is truly something to behold and worth the day tour.

Shore Excursions Group offers more than 200 Europe shore excursions and great getaway deals to a country you're sure to love. Find a cruise port above to begin exploring Europe!

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